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yarn (yärn) n. 

a tale or a series of stories; an involved narrative or an adventurous account,

usually telling of incredible happenings or fantastic events.

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"Come to me... Follow me... Abide in me."

God speaks these words to each of us. He doesn't say them impatiently, His tone isn't a harsh command. These words are spoken to us in a gentle voice of love. They're spoken with whispers of assurance- "I know the way. Lean on me, learn from me. Let me show you the power of my grace." Daily, moment by moment, God invites us into a life of surrender, a life moving by faith, a life of fullness and goodness. God calls each of us to a unique adventure authored by Him, for Him, with Him...


Here on this little blog I want to examine this invitation in my own life, sharing what God is guiding me through personally, what yarns He places in my palm to lead me. My hope is that in my flawed words God's whispers would still be heard and that you, my friend, would be encouraged in your own faith-walk.